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6 Rich and Delicious Cream Liqueurs to Try Now

6 Rich and Delicious Cream Liqueurs to Try Now

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These sweet sips have come a long way from Baileys Irish cream and are made with a wide range of base liqueurs (rum, tequila, even scotch!) and flavors that will satisfy any palate. Gift them, or break them out to sip after a meal.

1. Tolón-Tolón Whisky Cream ($18)

Think peanut butter cups in a bottle. This addictive sipper from Spain looks, smells and tastes like chocolate milk but has a surprising, luscious peanut-butter-like note on the finish.

2. Gioia Luisa Lemoncello Crème ($25)

Hailing from Italy, this bright-yellow liqueur is made with Sorrento lemons. It’s light and fresh, suggesting creamy lemon curd and fragrant lemon peel, and ultra-refreshing to sip.

3. Somrus Indian Cream Liqueur ($25)

The ornate gold and red bottle catches the eye. Inside, this unusual rum-based liqueur is creamy and light, spiked with hints of exotic cardamom, almond and rosewater. It’s made in the U.S. not India, and would make a soothing sipper after a spicy meal.

4. Magnum Cream Liqueur ($28)

Packaged in a stainless steel canister reminiscent of an old-school milk can, this new Speyside scotch-based liqueur offers a smooth, creamy sip tinged with cocoa and vanilla. It’s made with Holland cream, nodding to the Netherlands as birthplace of Holstein cows.

5. Amarula Cream ($29)

Look for the elephant on the label. Made in South Africa from the fruit of the marula tree, this liqueur is surprisingly light on the palate, mixing subtle fruit and vanilla tones. Best of all, a portion of proceeds benefit elephant habitat conservation efforts throughout Africa.

6. 1921 Crema de Tequila, Mexico ($30)

Made in Mexico and tequila-based, this cream liqueur channels dulce de leche and super smooth lattes, with a coffee-accented aroma and flavor and just a flicker of cinnamon. The bottle is gift-worthy too, a 1921 replica.

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