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Delaco strawberry mousse and mascarpone cheese

Delaco strawberry mousse and mascarpone cheese

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Combine the sugar with 60 ml of water in a small saucepan, stir a little until the sugar dissolves.

Put the gelatin over the sugar syrup and mix until it dissolves. Leave to cool.

Strain the strawberries until a fine puree is obtained, add the mascarpone and mix until smooth. Add the cooled syrup and mix gently.

Pour the mousse in the form of soufflés or glasses and let it cool overnight.

To serve the mousse, soak the base of the dishes in hot water for 10 minutes, then turn over on a plate.

Garnish with strawberries, grated chocolate, each as desired.

Method of preparation

For the countertop: whole eggs are mixed together with the powder sweetener, until they become a consistent foam, they stick to the target and light in color. Reduce the speed of the mixer, add the vanilla extract, grated lemon peel, a tablespoon of cheese and butter until you finish the ingredients. Separately, I mixed flour, semolina and baking powder, I incorporated them slowly mixing with a whisk in the dough.

I put the resulting composition in a round silicone shape. Put the tray in the oven heated to 160 degrees for 40 minutes and let the countertop cool in the oven with the door ajar. The cream is mixed together with the sweetener, and finally the mascarpone is added. Wash the strawberries, let them drain, cut the tails and try to choose strawberries of about the same size.

Remove the top from the form (it looks like a cheesecake), place it on a plate, decorate on top with the help of whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of honey over the strawberries. Serve immediately. Good appetite!!

Delaco mousse with strawberries and mascarpone cheese - Recipes

Hello, this time I will present you a cake recipe that has several stages and lasts a little longer but the end, namely the cake with chocolate cream, mascarpone and strawberry mousse is worth the effort.
It's strawberry time and I hope you don't miss the preparation of this cake. It can also be made with frozen strawberries, but why not take advantage of fresh fruits if we are in their season.
You can read the recipe here on the site or you can watch it on my youtube channel.

  • 6 eggs
  • 200g old cough
  • 180g flour
  • 20g cocoa
  • 4 tablespoons water (60ml)
  • 4 tablespoons oil (50ml)
  • 200ml bitter cherry syrup (can be replaced with cherry syrup, rum-flavored sugar syrup or other fruit syrup you like)
  • 250g mascarpone cream cheese
  • 65g milk chocolate
  • 60g dark chocolate
  • 200ml unsweetened whipped cream (if you use sweet you will have to give up the powdered sugar in the recipe or put less sugar)
  • 30g powdered sugar (2 tbsp)
  • 25ml cognac or rum
  • 250g fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 100g old cough
  • 200ml unsweetened whipped cream (if you use sweet cream you will have to halve the amount of sugar in the mousse recipe)
  • 35ml water
  • 4 sheets of gelatin or 7g of gelatin granules

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Mix the egg whites and then gradually add the sugar, mixing until it melts. Separately, rub the yolks with the oil, then with water. Gradually add the yolk mixture over the meringue egg whites, mixing at low speed.

Pour the resulting composition into the tray and put it in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes. If you use convection (ventilation) lower the oven temperature by about 15-20 degrees and if you have a gas oven use step 4 or higher well, the temperature should be average.

Melt the two types of dark and milk chocolate on a steam bath. After the chocolate has melted, gradually incorporate the mascarpone cheese. Don't be afraid if at first the chocolate hardens a little, as you add the mascarpone and mix well, the cream will it will soften and become shiny.

After you have mixed the melted chocolate with the mascarpone cheese, gradually add the whipped cream. Finally, add the cognac.

After you have prepared the chocolate cream, cut the cake into three horizontal slices. If you want, you can cut the lid of the cake (the surface) and set it aside.

You will place the first top sheet of the countertop at the base of a round tray with the same dimensions as the one in which you baked the countertop but with detachable walls and a height of about 8cm. Lightly syrup it using a brush.

Note: this type of cake does not syrup the top very much.

Put the chocolate cream on top of the first sheet after you have stopped a small amount of cream for retouching the cake at the end.

Put the strawberries, water and sugar in a saucepan on the fire.

After it has cooled down a bit but it is still hot, prepare the gelatin. Put the gelatin sheets in cold water for 5 minutes, then squeeze them with water and add them to the strawberry puree. If you use gelatin granules you will put gelatin for 10 minutes in 30ml of cold water then add the same to the strawberry puree which is still hot.

Then let the strawberry and gelatin composition cool slightly (keep it warm but not hot) and then gradually incorporate the whipped cream.

Take the cake form out of the fridge and pour over the second sheet of strawberry cream mousse. Place the last sheet on top, syrup on it and put the cake in the fridge this time for at least 5 hours. leave it until the next day.

Remove the cake and gently peel off the edges of the cake tin. If necessary, lightly level the edges of the cake with the chocolate cream you stopped. Pour the chocolate icing and level the surface of the cake nicely.

Place half of the strawberries on the edge of the cake at the base and decorate with half of the strawberries on top, then pour the melted white chocolate in a paper cone and decorate the cake as you like. You can choose another way of decorating as you have imagination and as you like.

Delaco strawberry mousse and mascarpone cheese - Recipes


Crispy coating, divine means of foam & # 8211
Strawberry mascot and a desert from heaven
Created by angels playing the harp
For lovers of sweet living.

INGREDIENTS for mousse

  • 400 gr fresh strawberries
  • 400 ml smanatana pt frisca
  • 200 gr sugar (you can put less sugar if the fruits are sweet)
  • 1 sachet of gelatin

WORK PLAN mascot with mousse

  1. Melt the chocolate on a bain-marie for chocolate crust
  2. With the help of a silicone brushes, we grease the forms of silicone muffinsLeave it in the fridge until the chocolate hardens and we can remove it from the form
  3. For the cream, mix the strawberries with the sugar Mix the cream until you get the whipped cream
  4. Let the gelatin soak in 100 ml of cold water.
  5. We set it on fire strawberry puree and leave on the fire until it approaches the boiling point, stirring constantly to melt the sugar
  6. Remove from the heat, then add the gelatin over the strawberry puree.
  7. Lightly incorporate the strawberry puree over the whipped cream with a silicone spatula. Leave the cream in the fridge for 2 hours.
    We fill the chocolate forms with this cream
  8. We put a "lid" of melted chocolate, to form a complete chocolate exterior
  9. Let cool until the chocolate hardens
  10. I served extra strawberry cream in glasses. Thus, we get a delicious dessert by the glass.
  11. We have some great strawberry mousse mascots. Good appetite!

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Verrine with cheese and raspberry mousse

Even if it is summer and hot, I would occasionally eat (read & # 8222 every day & # 8221) something sweet. So I made a dessert by the glass, which does not require baking, is done quickly and is also refreshing.

From the quantities in the recipe I made two large glasses, of 500ml. In my opinion it's too much for a portion. I recommend distributing the composition in four glasses of about 250ml.

Therefore, we need:

  • 200g cream cheese
  • 80g powdered sugar
  • 150ml cream for whipped cream
  • 2 sheets of gelatin (about 3g) + 3 tablespoons of cold water (optionally you can replace 1-2 tablespoons of water with orange liqueur)
  • a teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 150g raspberries + 20-30g sugar + 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 200g raspberries
  • 4 simple biscuits

How I did it:
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I first made a raspberry sauce (or syrup). I passed the 150g raspberries to retain the seeds, thus obtaining 100ml of puree juice. I added 30g of sugar and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and boiled the sauce for about 5 minutes. I let it cool.

For the cheese mousse I first put the gelatin to hydrate in cold water (optionally mixed with liqueur). Separately, I mixed the cream cheese until it became frothy, I added the powdered sugar spoon by spoon, mixing after each addition. At the end I added the vanilla extract.

I drained the hydrated gelatin from the excess water and dissolved it on the steam bath (being careful not to overheat), then I added a quarter of the cream cheese to the gelatin and mixed very well (with a spoon) until to homogenization. Then I added the rest of the cream and mixed again.

I beat the semolina cream and added it lightly, just by turning it over in the cream cheese.

I assembled the glasses. I divided the syrup in two, half to soften the biscuits, half to be put as such in the glasses. At the base of the glass I put two broken biscuits and soaked in syrup, then a layer of mousse, fresh raspberries, raspberry syrup, then again mousse, raspberries, syrup and I finished with mousse. I decorated with raspberries and pistachios.

9 best foam images in 2020

Pancakes with stevia, flax seeds and dill cheese Fasting pancakes with beets. Semifreddo with mascarpone, coffee Delicious cheese. I also recommend tiramisu cake without eggs, tiramisu cake with strawberries, tiramisu with glass, tiramisu with raspberries. Pour the mascarpone composition over the whipped cream and mix well.

Can I replace mascarpone with sweet cottage cheese? Pancakes tiramisu Food Porn, Pancakes, Sweets, Mascarpone, Recipes. Mascarpone is an Italian cow's milk cheese with fresh, crustless paste. Tiramisu cake with biscuits and mascarpone & # 8211 without baking or boiling & # 8211 recipe. Ingredients for the second layer 200 g sweet cottage cheese 100 g. A very good cake, although it may seem more complicated to prepare, I assure you that it is not - the result is absolutely delicious and worth it all. Dessert by the glass with raspberries and mascarpone Sweets, Mascarpone, Cooking. Dessert Recipes, Desserts, Fruits, Diets. Add the mascarpone cheese and continue to mix, first at low speed and. Recipes with cottage cheese, ricotta, cream cheese and mascarpone. Homemade tiramisu recipes: with mascarpone, cream, cottage cheese, chocolate, bananas.

Below you can see a similar recipe, it is simple and easy.

How do we prepare the strawberry and mascarpone cake recipe?

The first step is to prepare the countertop.

Mix a little egg with salt powder and then add all the sugar and continue mixing until it melts and the eggs begin to turn white.

Over the mixture of eggs and sugar add flour and baking powder.

Baking the top for the strawberry cake

Mix again until smooth, and put the dough obtained in a tray (30 & times40) lined with baking paper and put in the preheated oven at 170 degrees Celsius.

Bake until the top starts to turn golden. Put the countertop to cool and in the meantime prepare the cream.

We put all the necessary ingredients for the cream, except the strawberries and we mix until we obtain a dense and fine cream over which we will put the strawberries cut into small cubes and we will incorporate them in the mixture with the help of a spatula.

Now that we have the cream, we can start assembling the cake.

Assembling the cake

We take the countertop and cut it vertically into three rectangular strips.

We put the first strip on a plate, we syrup it with syrup that we obtained by mixing water with lemon juice and honey, and we put half of the amount of cream on top.

Level very well then put the second strip of countertop and we will do the same.

After we finish with the countertop and cream strips, we will coat the cake in whipped cream (we mix cream for whipped cream together with powdered sugar) and we will decorate it with halves of strawberries and mint leaves.

From the above ingredients I obtained a cake weighing about 1 kilogram and a half.

I recommend you try other delicious strawberry recipes, such as the fragrant strawberry jam or the tasty strawberry compote, both recipes are simple, without unnecessary preservatives or chemicals, as our grandmothers did. & # 128578

The recipe and the pictures belong to him Oana Branescu, blog contributor Good appetite, recipes with Gina Bradea.

Strawberry tart and mascarpone cream

Mix the sugar (from which you keep 4 tablespoons), butter, salt and flour with the food processor, then add the yolk mixed with sour cream. Stir until you form a dough. Form a ball out of it and spread it in a tart pan (20cm).

Prick the dough with a fork from place to place and cover it with an aluminum foil greased with butter. Put the tray in the freezer for 2 hours.

Preheat the oven to 190C and bake the tart dough (covered with foil) for 15 minutes. Remove the foil and bake for another 10 minutes. Let the tart cool completely.

Meanwhile, wash and dry the strawberries in paper towels. Slice them, mix them with 2 tablespoons of sugar and let them sit for 15 minutes.

Mix mascarpone cheese with rum, 2 tablespoons sugar and vanilla extract. Put the cream in the cold while the tart crust cools.

Fill the tart with mascarpone cream and decorate with strawberry slices and mint leaves.

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Strawberry mousse preparation

Put hydrated gelatin in 100 ml of cold water. Melt the gelatin on a steam bath, being careful not to boil it. We wash the strawberries and then clean them of the tail. With the help of the vertical mixer, blend 400 gr, the rest of the 100 gr strawberries we will put cut into pieces over the cream. Add the lemon juice. Separately beat the whipped cream with the sugar until it is quite firm, but be careful not to beat it too much, we risk it being cut. Add the strawberry puree and melted gelatin. Mix lightly with the spatula from the bottom up.


We cut the top in 3. We will use the form with detachable ring in which we baked the top. We put the first countertop then half of the mousse. Over the mousse, the remaining strawberries cut into pieces. Put the second countertop, press lightly, then the rest of the cream. At the end we put the last countertop.
Tip: always use the bottom last, because it is the right side. This way you will have a perfectly level cake.
We put it in the fridge overnight, if not, at least 4 hours.

Cream for decoration

Melt the white chocolate on a steam bath. We set it aside. Beat the butter at room temperature with the powdered sugar. Add the cream cheese at room temperature and melted chocolate. Mix lightly until smooth.
We take the cake out of the form and get ready to decorate. We need a spatula. Divide the cream as follows: 1/3 color it with a little red dye, the rest we leave it white.
We start by applying a thin layer of white cream. Let it cool for 20 minutes. Then at the base we will apply pink cream (keep 2-3 tablespoons for decoration). From the middle up we put the white cream. Level the cake with a spatula. At the end, decorate with the remaining cream and fresh fruit. Keep it in the fridge for 1 hour, then it can be served. Enjoy!