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Countertop: Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites, add all the sugar and rum essence / lemon juice and continue beating until it hardens. Put the oil and water, beat a few more times and then add the yolks and mix gently by turning with a pear-shaped target 4-5 times. Add flour mixed with baking powder and mix by turning upside down 9-10 times. Drain in a cake pan and bake for about 35 minutes (test with a toothpick). After the countertop has cooled, cut it into three.

Chocolate cream: Put the whipped cream, chocolate and butter over low heat and mix until smooth. It's getting cold. When it is well cooled, it mixes until it becomes like a cream.

Cherry foam: Whisk the egg whites. Add 50g of sugar and lemon juice and continue mixing until hardened.

The pitted cherries are put on the fire together with the sugar (150g) and left to simmer for 5 minutes. Thus boiling, pour over the egg whites and mix quickly for 10 minutes (or until the foam hardens, do not fall off the wire).

Cake assembly: Place a countertop on a plate, syrup it with cherry compote juice and then spread the chocolate cream. Put the second top, syrup and put 2/3 of the cherry foam. Syrup the third countertop and place it on top.

Garnish with whipped cream, foam, strawberries, cherries and chocolate according to your imagination.

It is so good, it melts in my mouth and I am very happy with how it turned out, I really liked those who tasted it.

Raphael, Raphael, Raphael

The other day I browsed with my mother her recipe book and I came across the recipe for & # 8220Bomboane Rafaelo & # 8230Raffaelo..Raffaello & # 8221 with 3 titles because my aunt from whom my mother took the recipe did not know exactly how to write, if to take the Romanian, Italian or an own and personal approach :))

Speaking of my mother, do you know how I was deceiving you through & # 821790 and something like that, is this real Raffaello? & # 8221 now, more than 10 years away, I really think it looks a lot like the real recipe!

For Raffaello we need:
& # 8211 150g vanilla powdered sugar
& # 8211 200g milk powder
& # 8211 200g coconut
& # 8211 a butter board
& # 8211 2 sheets of wafer with vanilla
& # 8211 100g whole almonds

That being said, mix the butter with the powdered sugar until you get a foam, add the powdered milk, coconut and the 2 finely chopped wafer sheets. As for the wafer sheets, I prefer the waffle sheets. from Vel Pitar, which are fine and very crumbly, perfect for what we need. We get a paste that we keep for 30 minutes on the grill. From the pasta we take a little, we put an almond in the center and we make balls that we give through the coconut.

Although it's a bit of work (as with all the cakes made piece by piece) I say it's worth it and the result will be beyond expectations: it really tastes like Raffaello and it really looks like Raffaello:

The constitutional system

The constitutional history of the Roman Republic began with the revolution that overthrew the monarchy in 509 BC. and ended with constitutional reforms that transformed the Republic into what would actually be the Roman Empire in 27 BC. The Constitution of the Romanian Republic was a set of constantly evolving, unwritten guidelines and principles, transmitted mainly by precedents, through which the government and its policy functioned. Throughout the history of the Republic, constitutional changes have been determined by conflicts of interest between the aristocracy and ordinary citizens.


The supreme authority of the senate derived from the esteem and prestige of the senators. This esteem and prestige was based on both precedent and custom, as well as on the caliber and reputation of senators. The Senate passed decrees, called senatus consultation . These were officially "advice" from the senate to a magistrate. In practice, however, they were usually followed by magistrates. The emphasis of the Roman senate was usually on foreign policy. Although, technically, it had no official role in managing military conflicts, the senate was ultimately the force overseeing such affairs. This was due to the explicit power of the senate over the state budget and in military affairs. The power of the senate has expanded over time as the power of legislative assemblies has diminished, and the senate has taken on a greater role in the regular legislative process. Its members were usually appointed by Roman censors, who usually selected newly elected magistrates to be members of the senate, making the senate a partially elected body. In times of military emergency, such as first-century civil wars, this practice became less widespread because the Roman dictator, Triumvir, or the senate itself would elect its members. Towards the end of the Republic, the senate could promote a senatus consultum ultimum in times of emergency, instead of appointing a dictator.

Legislative assemblies

The legal status of Roman citizenship was limited and was an essential vital condition for having many important legal rights, such as the right to a trial and appeal, to marry, to vote, to hold office, to enter into binding contracts, and to benefit from special tax exemptions. An adult male citizen, with full legal and political rights, has been called "optimo jure". Optimo jure elected its assemblies, after which the assemblies elected magistrates, adopted legislation, presided over trials in capital cases, declared war and peace, and falsified or dissolved treaties. There were two types of legislative assemblies. The first was commit ("Committees"), which were meetings of all optimo jure. The second was reconcile ("Councils"), which were meetings of specific groups de optimo jure.

The citizens were organized on the basis of centuries and tribes, who each gathered in their assemblies. The Centuriate Commission ("Centuriate Assembly") has been the assembly of centuries (ie, soldiers). The chairman of the Centuriate Commission was usually the consul. The centuries would vote, one by one, until a measure received support from most centuries. The Centuriate Commission would elect magistrates who had the powers imperium (consuls and praetors). He also chose censors. Only the Centuriate Commission could declare war and ratify the results of a census. It has also served as the highest court of appeal in certain lawsuits.

The Assembly of Tribes (ie the citizens of Rome), the Tribute Commission, was chaired by a consul and consisted of 35 tribes. The tribes were not ethnic or kinship groups, but rather geographical subdivisions. The order in which the thirty-five tribes will vote was chosen at random by drawing lots. Once a measure received the support of the majority of the tribes, the vote would end. Although it did not pass many laws, the Tribute Commission elected quaestors, mayors and military tribunes. The Plebeian Council was identical with the assembly of the tribes, but excluded the patricians. They elected their own officers, plebeian tribunes and plebeian mayors. Usually, a plebeian tribune would preside over the assembly. This assembly adopted most of the laws and could also act as a court of appeal.


Each Republican magistrate held certain constitutional powers. Each received a province by the Senate. This was the scope of the authority of the incumbent. It could apply to a geographical area or to a certain responsibility or task. The powers of a magistrate came from the people of Rome (both the common people and the and patricians). Imperium it was owned by both consuls and praetors. Strictly speaking, it was the authority to command a military force. However, in reality, it had broad authority in other public spheres, such as diplomacy and the justice system. In extreme cases, those with imperium power could sentence Roman citizens to death. All magistrates also had the power to coercion (constraint). It was used by magistrates to maintain law and order by imposing the penalty for crimes. Magistrates also had both the power and the duty to seek augury. This power could also be used to thwart political opponents.

A control of a magistrate's power was called COLLEGE (collegiality). Each main function would be held simultaneously by at least two people. Another such control was provocatio . While in Rome, all citizens were protected from coercion by provocatio , which was an early form of fair trial. He was a forerunner of habeas corpus . If a magistrate tried to use the powers of the state against a citizen, that citizen could challenge the magistrate's decision in a tribune. In addition, with the expiry of a magistrate's one-year term, he would have to wait ten years before returning to office. This has created problems for some consuls and praetors, and these magistrates will occasionally expand Imperium . In fact, they would retain the powers of the position (as a pro-magistrate) without officially holding that position.

The consuls of the Romanian Republic were the highest ranking ordinary magistrates. Each served for a year. They have preserved several elements of the former royal royalty, such as toga praetexta and fasces , which represented the power to cause corporal punishment. The consular powers included the former "command power" of the kings ( imperium ) and the appointment of new senators. The consuls had supreme power in both civilian and military matters. While in Rome, the consuls were the heads of the Roman government. They will chair the senate and the assemblies. While abroad, each consul allegedly commanded an army. His authority abroad would be almost absolute. The praetors administered civil law and commanded provincial armies. Every five years, two censors were elected for an 18-month term, during which time they would conduct a census. During the census, they could register citizens in the senate or remove them from the senate. The mayors were elected officers to conduct internal affairs in Rome, such as managing public games and shows. The Quaestors would usually help the consuls of Rome, and the governors of the provinces. Their tasks were often financial.

Since the tribunes were considered to be the embodiment of the common people, they were sacrosanct. Their sanctity was implemented through a commitment made by the common people to kill anyone who harmed or interfered with a rostrum during his tenure. It was a capital crime to injure a tribune, to disregard a veto or to interfere in any other way. In times of military emergency, a dictator would be appointed for a six-month term. The constitutional government will be dissolved, and the dictator would be the absolute master of the state. At the end of the dictator's term, the constitutional government will be restored.

How to live long by eating according to Ana Aslan's diet

The incomparable Mrs. Ana Aslan lived for almost 92 years. It was long-lived, according to scientific definitions. Ana Aslan's method of treatment, based on her invention gerovital and a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy and dignified old age.

Now it is fashionable to talk about organic food, eco, Mediterranean diet & # 8230 But Ana Aslan, a few decades ago, realized that you are what you eat.

Mrs. Professor led the institute since its establishment in 1952, when it was the first in the world and was called the Institute of Geriatrics, then became, in 1974, the National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics, until his death on May 19, 1988.
Ana Aslan had aristocratic blood. His mother was from Bucovina and his father from Brăila. She was taught to eat right, at set times, healthy. Good food "like the Romanian peasant", says Dr. Speranţa Prada, pharmacist, president of the "Ana Aslan" Foundation. Being a doctor, Ana Aslan also brought this good nutrition to the diet of her patients.

"Everything must be as natural as possible, canned food must be avoided. Nutrition must naturally bring what the body needs. No unnecessary substances. ” Lots of vegetables, lots of fruit and, of course, lots of exercise.

Normally, a day of a patient, in terms of nutrition should look like this: breakfast, snack, lunch (Teacher had lunch at 13:30), snack, dinner (18:00 - 19:00).

In terms of meat, it had a kind of podium: beef, fish, poultry, lamb / sheep, pork. But the pig didn't really recommend it. Then recommend the liver, tongue, generally meat from animals that feed, in turn, cleaner. And be careful, all bristles! Sometimes they go and made them in the oven.

At that time, meat was eaten with low-protein meat, not meat with anything. We now eat meat with little garnish.
The Mediterranean diet? Well, the tomatoes with cheese and bread that the Romanian peasant ate?

Like I said, I recommend vegetables. In the natural state or soufflés, many soufflés. Then dairy products, eggs. No frying, no fat.

What was Ana Aslan eating? He also had favorite dishes: clear beef soup with croutons, parsley and pepper, carp on sauerkraut, feather sleep, pikeperch with lemon, rice-free sauerkraut, poultry pilaf, turkey, baked cheese mushrooms. And he also had a sweet weakness: he liked the "Buturugă" homemade cake. & # 8216If he received a confectionery cake & # 8230 gave it as a gift, don't eat it.

According to her recipes for healthy living (in combination with the "Ana Aslan" treatment) many patients have been rejuvenated. Romanians and foreigners. Poor, rich, anonymous, famous & # 8230

"In the history of medicine, perhaps no physician has been so sought after by thousands of patients and interlocutors: crowned heads, heads of state, headlines of world politics, famous writers, stars of the stage and screen, journalists, confreres and not Lastly, the ordinary patient, because what impressed this great lady in a white robe was the doctor's respect for the patient, writes Dr. Poli & # 8230 & # 8230. in the volume “Ana Aslan-In memoriam. (& # 8230). ”

The building in Căldăruşani had become too small. More and more foreigners wanted the "long life recipe" of the Professor. At one point, "the famous Peruvian singer Ymma Sumak is hosted in Ana Aslan's office." Then the clinical department from Otopeni is set up. Here will come "patients from all over the world: Somerset Maugham, Pablo Neruda, Salvador Dali, Miguel Asturias, Charlie Chaplin, along with many others." The recipe for eternal youth was also desired by Marshal de Gaulle, Indira Ghandi, the King of Saudi Arabia, General Franco, Marshal Tito, Marlene Dietrich, Lillian Gish, Aristotle Onasis, Jaqueline Kenedy, Mrs. ltzack Shamir and many, many others.

"She is a citizen of the world, consulted in the specialized meetings of the White House, decorated with the Cross of the Knights of Malta at the Madeleine Church in Paris, Commander of the Italian Legion of Honor, holder of the French Academic Palms, awarded by the World Health Organization and Hero of Socialist Labor.The most honorable testimony to the universal dimension and the perpetuation of the memory of Ana Aslan is the inscription of her name on the mausoleum of the father of medicine, Hippocrates, at Larissa in Thessaly. Here she is remembering: & # 8222Happiness is a state of mind that does not last there are only moments of happiness. When I visited the mausoleum of Hippocrates on which the Greeks inscribed my name, I was very excited and wrote in the Golden Book: Any doctor who enters here should feel small. I felt like an ant. Yes, this was a moment of happiness. & # 8221

Yogurt cake

Extremely delicious, fragrant, in addition to quick to prepare kefir cake - it is not only a favorite treat adults and children, but also a very useful product, which includes a wonderful medicine. Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret - it was the medicine & hellip from aging. This is the name of the main ingredient of the test - a valuable, healthy and nutritious mood. It is not at all the fact that the long-lived liver of the Caucasus considered them the drink and, for many years, kept the secrets of cooking kefir mushrooms, which could prolong the years and maintain health.

It relies on the kefir dough extremely fast and simple, but it turns out easy, like a biscuit. The kefir test usually includes kefir, eggs, sugar and flour. If soda is present among the ingredients, then the vinegar should not be used, because the juice can also be quenched with kefir with the same success. There are recipes, in which butter or margarine are added to the dough, which makes the kefir pie a little drier, but at the same time somewhat tastier and more saturated.

Kneading kefir you can use any fat or any species: Biochefir, bifidok with various beneficial bacteria and additives, and other dairy products. Whatever yogurt you choose, keep in mind that some of the beneficial properties of kefir is still lost during baking. But a wonderful result is baking - gentle, airy! In addition, yogurt pie for a long time retains its freshness.

Kefir cake recipes are so many that you can bake a new pie almost every day, not to repeat over time. The pieces differ, except for the number of ingredients taken and, of course, the filling. It can be sweet and salty. Which only sweet kefir pies do not exist: Pie on yogurt and jam with fresh berries (cherries, raspberries, strawberries - if the fruits are very juicy, you can roll in semolina, absorb excess juice), fruits (apples, apricots , pear, etc.). You can add a pie on kefir cheese, poppy seeds, cinnamon, nuts, dried fruit, cocoa. For fans of unsweetened baking choice is no less: kefir cake with all kinds of meat (pork, beef, chicken, turkey), cabbage, mushrooms, cheese, sausages, eggplant, mix eggs and green onions, fish, there even a kefir carrot cake for those who love vegetables. Those who adhere to a diet, tasty and still want, can make cake with higher calorie kefir, cooked without the addition of eggs. Absolutely no sitting at the stove? Prepare the fastest enough pie dough is poured into a mold, then put the filling, and on top again, pour the dough. You will get a filler plate or "lazy".

The oven must be preheated, the time for baking the cake on kefir is 20-40 minutes. Bake the cake on yogurt can be not only in the oven, but also in the multivark. Its preparation is determined by a match or a toothpick. If, after making a plate in several places, you find that it is dry, everything - put the kettle.

Giving you some yogurt cake recipes, we express the hope that some of them will be favorite, family, tradition and take a place of honor in the address book, cookbook.

Chestnut breasts with favorite jam

1 stack. yogurt,
1 stack. jam,
1.5 stack. flour,
2 eggs,
& frac12 stack. sugar,
1 teaspoon soda.

Method of preparation:
With the help of the jam, turn off the siphon (bubbles will appear and the jam will change color). Push the eggs with sugar, mix with kefir, pour in the flour and mix the dough. Then add a mixture of jam and soda to the dough and mix well again. Pour the dough into a pre-oil baking dish and place in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 20-25 minutes. Check that the pie is ready with a match. If the cake is ready, cool it, cut it in half and cover it with blockages. You can also serve the cake without being confused.

Clean cake with yogurt

200 g of cottage cheese,
200 g yogurt,
1 stack. flour,
1 stack. sugar,
3 eggs,
1 large apple,
1 teaspoon soda,
some salt,
vanilla sugar, cinnamon - to taste.

Method of preparation:
Mix the eggs with sugar and add kefir, pour in soda, sugar, a pinch of salt, then flour and mix well. Rub on a large apple, mix with cottage cheese and add the resulting mass to the dough. Place the dough in a greased baking dish and bake the cake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 30 minutes.

Chocolate cake on kefir

3 stacks. flour,
300 ml of yogurt,
3 eggs,
100 g butter,
1 stack. sugar,
1 teaspoon soda,
50 g of cocoa,
chocolate - the amount of taste.

Method of preparation:
Combine all ingredients, mix well and put the resulting dough into a greased form. Bake the chocolate cake for 25 minutes in a preheated oven at 200 ° C. Prepare the finished cake with chocolate icing or pour melted on a water bath with white or dark chocolate and sprinkle with chocolate chips on top.

Apricot fruits on kefir

2.5 stacks. flour,
1 stack. yogurt,
3 eggs,
400 g apricots (can preserve),
1 stack. sugar,
100 g butter,
1 packet of vanilla sugar,
1 teaspoon soda.

Method of preparation:
Knead the dough from kefir, soda, sugar, soft butter, flour and eggs. It should be a consistency like a thick cream. Pour a little more than half of the dough into the prepared baking dish, then put the apricots and pour the rest of the dough. Bake the cake at 180 ° C for 40 minutes.

Apple pie on kefir

1 stack. flour,
1 stack. yogurt,
4 sweet-sweet apples,
1 stack. sugar,
1 teaspoon cinnamon or vanilla sugar,
& frac12 teaspoon salt,
& frac12 teaspoon soda.

Method of preparation:
Mix the cement flour, soda, salt, sugar, cinnamon (or vanilla sugar), pour everything with kefir and mix well. Put the apples in cubes and put them in the dough, stirring once again the resulting mass. In a form greased with oil and lightly sprinkled with flour, put the dough evenly and bake in the oven at 180 ° C for 40 minutes. Ready to cool the pie without removing it from the mold. Then place them on a bowl and, if desired, grease it with a jam or simply sprinkle with powdered sugar.

250 g of flour,
& frac12 stack. yogurt,
& frac12 stack. sugar,
1.5 stack. grated carrot,
3 eggs,
1 teaspoon cinnamon,
& frac12 teaspoon soda.

Method of preparation:
Mix the flour with the soda and cinnamon. Add eggs, sugar and kefir, then carrots and mix well the resulting mass. Then put in a mold and bake in a preheated oven for 1 hour at a temperature of 200 ° C. The preparation plate can be decorated with powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon or sprinkled with chopped nuts.

500 g of flour,
1 stack. yogurt,
3 eggs,
2 stacks. Mac,
250 g butter,
300 g of sugar,
1 teaspoon carnations,
50 g of chopped walnuts,
cinnamon - to taste.

Method of preparation:
Knead the dishes, add flour, poppy seeds, add butter, 200 g sugar, 2 eggs, cinnamon, cloves, pour yogurt and knead the dough. Then roll it up and place it on a greased baking sheet. Grease the egg dough, sift the remaining sugar, chopped walnuts and bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 45 minutes.

Cake with yogurt

For the test:
1 stack. yogurt,
1 stack. semolina,
1 stack. flour,
1 stack. sugar,
2 eggs,
50 g butter,
1 bag of baking powder for the dough.
For the glaze:
100 ml of 20% cream,
2-3 tablespoons sugar,
1 teaspoon instant coffee,
1 teaspoon starch,
50 g chocolate,
salt - at the tip of the knife.

Method of preparation:
Pour the mango with kefir and leave for 20 minutes. Push the eggs with sugar and pour in the mango with kefir. Add melted butter, salt to taste, baking powder, a glass of flour and mix everything. Place the mixture in a mold and bake in the oven at 200 ° C for 40 minutes. Then take it out of the oven and make the glaze. To do this, pour the cream into a small saucepan and put on low heat. Add to the chocolate cream, coffee, sugar, salt, and boil, stirring constantly, until the sugar dissolves and the chocolate. In a separate cup, dilute the starch with 2 tbsp. cold water and, stirring, pour into the creamy mass. Cook for another minute, then remove from heat, cool and pour over the icing cake.

Kefir breast with potatoes and cheese

For the test:
3.5 stiva. flour,
& frac12 stack. yogurt,
2 eggs,
100 g of hard cheese,
& frac12 teaspoon soda,
sugar, salt - to taste.
For filling:
5 potatoes,
100 grams of grated cheese,
50 g butter.

Method of preparation:
Beat eggs with sugar, add juice, yogurt, grated cheese and flour and mix to form soft dough. Peeled potatoes cut into thin circles, salt and fry. Bake forms, parchment paper bed and put it in the second half of the dough, then filling: half a potato, grated cheese, then the remaining potatoes. Distribute the second part of the test above. Bake in a preheated oven at 180-200 ° C for 40 minutes.

Kefir pie with cabbage and egg

For the test:
20 tablespoons. flour,
300 ml of yogurt,
2 raw eggs,
8 tablespoons mayonnaise,
1 teaspoon baking powder.
For filling:
1 medium head of cabbage,
4 boiled eggs,
2 onions,
200 g grated cheese.
1 tbsp. soy sauce.
salt, black pepper - for taste.

Method of preparation:
First, prepare the filling. Peel the cabbage and onion, put in a pan in a small amount of butter. Add chopped boiled eggs, soy sauce, salt and ground black pepper to taste. While the filling cools, prepare the dough. With a mixer, beat the raw eggs, kefir, mayonnaise, flour, baking powder to a constant cream, slightly thick. Form the baking fat, sprinkle with flour and pour half of the dough there. On the dough, place the cooled filling on top and sprinkle with grated cheese. Fill the filling with the rest of the dough and put it in the oven at 200 ° C for 40 minutes.

Kefir leather with mushroom filling

For the test:
1 stack. yogurt,
2 stacks. flour,
200 g of margarine,
1 teaspoon soda,
salt - to taste.
For filling:
150 g dried mushrooms,
2 onions,
& frac12 stack. chopped green onion,
salt, black pepper - for taste.

Method of preparation:
Mix the melted margarine with the yogurt and gradually add the stirring, flour, soda and salt. Knead the dough and leave it for 40-50 minutes. Dried mushrooms pre-macerated for 1-2 hours in warm water, then cut into small pieces and mix with chopped onion, add salt, pepper, put in a bowl, pour water so as to cover the mushrooms and boil on high heat for 5-7 minutes. Then, using a strainer, drain the water and leave it for a while in the bottle of excess water. Ready to dough, put in a mold and form a cake with buns. At the top with an even layer lay the filling, which sprinkle finely chopped green onions. Lightly cover the ledges filling and bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 30-40 minutes.

Kefir fish pie

For the test:
400 ml of kefir,
3 stacks. flour,
2 eggs,
3 tablespoons mayonnaise,
1 teaspoon salt,
1 teaspoon soda.
For filling:
2 cans of canned fish in oil,
100 grams of boiled rice,
1 onion.

Method of preparation:

Remove the eggs and salt, add kefir, soda, flour, mayonnaise and mix the dough like a pancake. For the filling, cut the onion, put the can together with the oil and shake it with a fork, add the rice and mix. Grease the baking dish with butter and put half of the dough, then the whole filling and the remaining half of the dough. Place it in the oven and bake at 180 ° C until boiling. When the crust is eaten, grease it with a beaten egg yolk and put it back in the oven until it is ready.

Chest kefir and chicken

For the test:
500 ml of kefir,
2 stacks. flour,
1 or,
3 tablespoons sour cream,
2 tablespoons vegetable oil,
1 teaspoon soda.
For filling:
500 g of chicken (thighs, breast),
1 onion,
salt, spices - to taste.

Method of preparation:
Mix the kefir, egg, siphon, butter, cream and flour and mix the dough a little softer in consistency than in dumplings. Divide them into 2 parts. Part one in the form of baking, pre-lubricated, and put it on chopped chopped onion. raw chicken separated from the bones, salt, add spices to taste and place on top of the onion (for chicken was a little juicy, you can mix it with a little mayonnaise). The rest of the dough rolls and covers the filling. Place the cake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 40 minutes.

It only remains to add that, regardless of your filling, it is not preferred, your yogurt cake, due to the presence of this truly miraculous drink in this test, will simply be delicious!

Recipes for summer dishes

Summer is reluctant to cook in the clogged kitchen, preparing for breakfast-lunch-dinner & hellip It is much easier to bake a salad, but unfortunately not all households can appreciate such an ultra-easy menu! We offer recipes for summer dishes, which require very little time and energy for cooking, and the products remain just as useful.It can be offered a bit of "bad", such as frying, because the summer menu is full of fresh vegetables and fruits. Try to prepare recipes for summer dishes, some interesting salads from different cuisines of the world.

Squash in the pan
Salad with fresh sausages and cucumbers "Indy"
Lightly light cucumbers in the package
Zucchini with cheese
Classic okroshka with sausages

Mediterranean salad of tomatoes and onions

5 ripe tomatoes,
5 bulbs,
& frac12 stack. olive oil,
& frac14 stack. balsamic vinegar,
French bread, thick lava or Italian ciabatta.

Method of preparation:
Cut the tomatoes into slices and place in a bowl. Cut the onion into fairly large halves and add to the tomatoes. Mix the olive vinegar and balsamic vinegar and pour the resulting dressing salad. Let it sit in the fridge for about half an hour. This salad should be eaten by dipping the bread marinade, which results from the mixture of pouring and liquid from the tomatoes. Not very aesthetically pleasing, but so delicious!

Watermelon salad

& frac12 red light bulbs,
1 tbsp. lemon juice,
1 & frac12 l seedless cube pulp without seeds,
150-200 grams of feta,
& frac12 stack. with smoothed cranberries,
1 pile of fresh mint green,
2 tablespoons olive oil.

Method of preparation:
Pour the red onion well into half the rings and pour in the lime juice. Let stand for 10 minutes until lemon juice softened onion flavor. In a large bowl, lightly mix cubes of watermelon, feta, and diced olives, halved olives, green onions and mint with lemon juice. Pour the olive oil and mix. Wonderful taste!

Avocado and feta sauce

2 tomatoes,
1 avocado,
& frac14 stack. chopped red onion,
1 clove of garlic,
1 tbsp. chopped green parsley,
1 tbsp. chopped oregano,
1 tbsp. olive oil,
1 tbsp. red wine vinegar,
200 g feta cheese.

Method of preparation:
In a bowl, lightly mix the chopped tomatoes, avocado, chopped onion and garlic. Add chopped herbs and pour olive oil and vinegar. Crush the feta and combine with the vegetables. Cool in the refrigerator under the lid for 2-5 hours.

Avocado, tomato and mango salsa

1 mango,
1 avocado,
4 tomatoes,
1 jalapeno or hot pepper,
& frac12 stack. chopped cilantro,
3 cloves of garlic,
2 tablespoons lemon juice,
& frac12 red light bulbs,
3 tablespoons olive oil,
salt to taste.

Method of preparation:
Mango, avocado and diced tomatoes. Put the sharp pepper from the seeds and cut, squeeze the garlic through the press, cut the onion into thin thin slices. Combine all ingredients, salt and pour lime juice. Let stand under the lid in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Salad Gordon Ramsay


300 g small fresh potatoes,
100 g of young green beans,
3 eggs,
2 bunches of lettuce,
5 tablespoons olive oil,
200 g of cherry tomatoes,
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar,
350 g of tuna,
& frac12 lemon,
a thousand basil.
For refueling:
50 g of fried olives,
5 anchovy fillets,
1 clove of garlic,
& frac12 lemon,
4 tablespoons olive oil,
1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar.

Method of preparation:
To prepare the sauce begins: olives, anchovies bust and garlic in a mortar with a pestle to a more or less homogeneous mass. Put in a bowl, add oil and vinegar, mix and leave until side. Boil the potatoes in boiling salted water and drain. Boil beans for 4-5 minutes in water, dip in boiling water with ice and sieve times. The potatoes are cut in half, put it in a single layer cut down on the pan with oil and fry until golden brown, then stir fry whole potatoes. Add the chopped tomatoes and fry for 1 minute. Sprinkle the vegetables with balsamic vinegar (1 tablespoon), turn off the heat and sprinkle with basil. fry tuna fillets on the pan with vegetable oil heated for 4 minutes on each side, put on a paper towel and let soak in oil. Before serving, whisk 1 tbsp. butter with half a lemon juice. On a flat bowl Put the potatoes and tomatoes, top hill put beans. Pour a mixture of butter and lemon juice. Cut the tuna fillet diagonally and place the beans on top. boiled eggs cut into quarters and place between tuna strips. Hamsie and olive sauce pour the eggs and tuna strips and fasting.

The dishes of the first summer are light soups, cold borscht and okroshki. Or gazpacho, for example.

Lucky Gaspacho

2 tomatoes,
& frac12 cucumber,
& frac12 sweet green pepper,
& frac12 sweet red pepper,
& frac12 bulbs,
1 clove of garlic,
2 stacks. freshly squeezed tomato juice,
& frac12 teaspoon oregano,
& frac12 teaspoon basil,
1/8 teaspoon. black pepper,
1 & frac12 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce,
1 & frac12 teaspoon red wine vinegar.

Method of preparation:
All the vegetables are ground in a mixer in a homogeneous mass. Add the spices and salt to taste. Instead of wine vinegar, you can use lemon juice. Finished summer soup pour into a saucepan and refrigerate for 1 hour. Serve with a thin slice of lemon.

For the second summer, it is better to choose dishes from seafood, fish or vegetables. They are light, but perfectly saturated. When choosing pasta for Italian pasta, prefer products from durum wheat varieties. They will not ruin the figure! Sometimes, instead of dinner, it's enough to cook a snack - a hot salad or an omelet cake. We have prepared some recipes for you, try it.

Fresh tomato paste with shrimp

4 tomatoes,
3 cloves of garlic,
& frac12 bulbs,
4 tablespoons olive oil,
3 tablespoons oregano,
3 tablespoons basil,
1 stack. spinach,
450 g boiled shelled shrimp,
200 g of mozzarella,
1 packet of fettuccini pasta.

Method of preparation:
Boil the pasta in a lot of salted water and tie in a stream. In the bowl of the mixer, combine the garlic, onion, oregano, eat until smooth, but not in mashed potatoes. Heat the olive oil, add crushed vegetables and cook until golden brown. In a blender, chop the tomatoes, basil, salt and pepper, pour into a small saucepan and cook, stirring, for about 5 minutes. Add spinach, stir and cook until soft. Add the shrimp, heat them, combine them with the fried vegetables. Motsarellu falls apart. Mix the pasta with the tomato paste and mozzarella.

Provencal tortilla omelette

10 eggs,
1 tbsp. olive oil,
2 young pumpkins,
3-5 green onion feathers,
4 red sweet peppers,
1 clove of garlic,
1 red pepper,
300 g soft cream cheese,
5-6 tablespoons milk,
4 tablespoons chopped parsley,
2 tablespoons fresh basil,
salad, cheese.

Method of preparation:
Beat the eggs into 5 pieces in two bowls. Hit lightly, season and pepper. On the preheated oil bath fry the zucchini cut into small cubes, and chopped green onions for about 10 minutes until softened. Cool slightly and add to a bowl of eggs. diced red chili peppers, clean of seeds and cut into small pieces and fry well until soft. Add to another bowl with eggs. In a pan with a diameter of 20-22 cm 6 omletnyh make pancakes of both species egg mixture (3 of each species): first boil browning down, then cover the flat plate of the pan, turn an omelet , then put it back in the bottom pan and also fried brown until tender. Place both types of omelette on plates for cooling. For the filling, beat the cream cheese with milk, add chopped herbs, salt and pepper. Take a sliding form of the same diameter as the pan, where the grilled omletiki, put the most beautiful omelet down, spreading the cheese filling. Layers and types of omelets, collect the cake and put in a refrigerator for a day, covered with foil. Before serving, pour the cake on a plate, sprinkle with chopped lettuce and grated cheese, sprinkle with olive oil and pepper. Slice and serve.

Fresh vegetable casserole

4 young pumpkins,
5 ripe tomatoes - "fingers",
2 eggplants,
1 small head of garlic,
rosemary bouquet,
little olives.

Method of preparation:
Cut all the vegetables into circles. Rotate the baking dish with oil and place the tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant in circles in layers, starting from the outer edge. When you reach the middle, put a head of garlic in the center and put rosemary sprigs around it. In the intervals between vegetable circles, you can put any other vegetables, for example, small inflorescences of broccoli or cauliflower. Pour everything with olive oil, salt and pepper. Place the form in the oven, preheated to 200-220 & ordmC, for about an hour, periodically sprinkling the surface of the pan with oil. The vegetables on the surface must become soft and well crushed. Pull the mold out of the oven, sit for a while and remove the garlic from the middle. Peel the garlic and cut it into a paste with a little oil and salt. With this sauce pour the casserole and serve. This casserole can be prepared with meat: add pieces of boiled meat in the intervals between the vegetable circles and cook as usual. In a meat casserole, cook the mint sauce: chop the garlic in a blender, 3 tbsp. olive oil, 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar and a handful of mint leaves, salt and pepper to taste.

Broccoli appetizer

2 small heads of young broccoli,
1 red onion,
200 g of bacon,
& frac34 stack. raisins,
& frac34 stack. chopped almonds,
1 stack. mayonnaise or fresh sauce,
& frac12 stack. sugar,
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar.

Method of preparation:
Fry the bacon over medium heat until softened, cooled and cut into cubes. Divide broccoli into small inflorescences, cut onions into small cubes. Combine broccoli, onion, ham, raisins, nuts and mix well. For the sauce, combine the mayonnaise, sugar and vinegar, stirring until soft. Season the salad and cool in the fridge.

Glass noodles with salmon, mint and lime

500 g skinless salmon fillets,
1 tbsp. chili sauce,
& frac12 tablespoon olive oil,
200 g glass noodles (can be replaced with vermicelli or rice),
10 cherry tomatoes,
1 avocado,
3 shallow rats,
1 small red pepper,
1 handful of mint,
1 handful of basil,
1 handful of green coriander,
2 tablespoons any nuts,
1 var.

For refueling:
2 tablespoons lemon juice,
2 tablespoons fish sauce,
2 tablespoons chili sauce,
1 tbsp. olive oil,
2 teaspoons. powdered sugar.

Method of preparation:
Roll the salmon fillet in chili sauce and fry for 2-3 minutes on each side. Cool down. Prepare the glass noodles according to the instructions on the package or cook the vermicelli or rice until you are ready. Ingredients for the sauce in a bowl. Add the chopped tomatoes, avocado, onion and hot pepper (if you want to go for the taste, do not rub the seeds) and mix gently. Add the noodles, chopped greens, mix and spread on plates. Over fried salmon Lay, divided into portions, sprinkle finely chopped walnuts, pour lemon juice and fasting.

Salmon with mustard, avocado and Button

350 g salmon fillets,
1 tbsp. honey liquid,
2 tablespoons whole mustard seeds,
2 tablespoons lemon juice,
1 tbsp. Sesame oil,
2 tablespoons sesame seeds,
1 avocado,
2 tablespoons olive oil,
150 g bowl,
salt, ground black pepper.

Method of preparation:
Cut salmon 1 cm Thick strip fillet. Place in a bowl of honey, mustard add half a lemon juice and sesame oil. Season and rotate into slices of salmon marinade. Leave for 5 minutes. On a heated skillet, heat the sesame seeds for 2 minutes, stirring. In another pan, pour the oil, put the salmon pieces and fry for 30 seconds on one side. Then turn, fry for another 20 seconds, then sprinkle with sesame seeds, mix and cool. Meat avocado with a fork, add 1 tbsp. lemon juice, 1 tbsp. olive oil and mix. Salt and mix with sliced ​​cucumbers. When a table, place the center of the watercress platter dressed with avocado and lay on top of slices of salmon in sesame topping.

As you can see, the recipes for summer dishes are very tasty and not difficult to prepare at all. Bon appetit!

Happy New Year

If you've never baked the biggest New Year's cake, you've lost a lot. What a pleasure to cook, and then decorate gingerbread with the kids! In addition, there is nothing complicated in preparing this delicacy.

To bake New Year's gingerbread, you will need a minimum of ingredients. The must-have components of this New Year's dessert are flour, any honey that is handy and spices. No New Year's sweets and no cakes, because even the name of this delicacy already implies the presence of spices.

But to decorate the New Year's gingerbread, you need patience and good mood. So put them both, take the help of loved ones and prepare the fairytale beauty gingerbread cake for a dessert. We are ready, in our turn, to offer you some recipes, from the simplest to the most complex, leaving the choice for you.

Red biscuits with cream "Winter diary"
"Horseshoe" Christmas Pans
Gingerbread cookies for Christmas
Honey cake cookies

Honey Honey New Year's honey "Winter's Tale"

4 tablespoons. flour,
& frac12 Art. of water,
3 eggs,
1 tbsp. butter,
1 tbsp. honey,
1 tbsp. l. cinnamon stains,
& frac12 h. l. cloves,
& frac12 h. l. siphon,
1 tbsp. almonds.
For the glaze:
1 egg white,
1 tbsp. powdered sugar,
8-10 drops of lemon juice.

Method of preparation:
Put the mixture of water and honey on the fire and bring it to a boil. Slightly cool, gradually pour in the flour, soda, add the eggs, butter, cinnamon, cloves and chopped almonds. Mix and place the dough on a table, sprinkled with flour.Turn the dough into a layer 1-1.5 cm thick and cut out the figurines. Place the gingerbread on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and bake in preheated to 200 & ordm From the oven for 10-15 minutes. The prepared cookies are left to cool and covered with icing. To do this, mix the protein until it is 3-4 times larger. When whipping, add a little powdered sugar and then lemon juice. Cut the glaze to white and lush. Using a confectionery bag or a thick, cut-out plastic bag, simply apply the mist on the cakes. You can sprinkle them with confectioner forehead as asterisks, snowflakes, balls, and then wait until the icing hardens to admire the work of his hands.

Unfortunately, such a rich, curved gingerbread is not suitable for drawing patterns on them. For this ideal the so-called deer deer - sweet cookies made from a denser test.

Gingerbread icing can be colored to attract intricate patterns. As dyes it is desirable to use natural products - cocoa, chocolate, beet juice, carrots or spinach, etc ..

New Year's Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

250 g of honey,
100 g of sugar,
150 g butter,
1 or,
500 g of flour,
1 teaspoon. baking powder,
25 g of cocoa powder,
2 cinnamon sticks,
5 carnations,
pea-sized nutmeg,
1 cardamom inflorescence,
some vanillins.
For the glaze:
1 protein,
180 g powdered sugar,
a few drops of lemon juice,
1 tbsp. l. starch (without tip).

Method of preparation:
Melt the butter in a pan, honey and sugar, add the mixture was 1 tbsp. l. ground in a coffee spice. Allow the mixture to warm for another 5 minutes, but do not boil. Then mix flour and cocoa, baking powder, add egg, slowly pour the hot mixture and mix. You should get a dough, a consistency similar to clay. Well knead, wrap in plastic wrap and send in the refrigerator for a few hours. Before cooking, take the dough out of the fridge and leave it to soak for half an hour more at room temperature, so softened. On the table, sprinkled with flour, roll the dough into a layer of 3.5 mm thick, cut from it and the rooster figures, placing them on the tray, lined with baking paper and send it in a preheated 170 & ordmFrom the oven time 15 minutes, if you want the gingerbread to become soft, or for 25-30 minutes, if you prefer a stronger and tanned meal. After baking, decorate the gingerbread cookies with icing patterns. To prepare the icing, carefully mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Beware of glaze, its consistency should be such that it can be painted.

Christmas Christmas "Christmas Tree Toys"

7 tablespoons. flour,
2 teaspoons. baking powder,
3 eggs,
240 g butter,
2 tablespoons. sugar,
1-2 tablespoons. l. honey,
2 teaspoons. cocoa powder,
2 medium oranges,
2 teaspoons. cinnamon,
1 teaspoon. ground ginger
1 teaspoon. salt,
glaze - for decoration.

Method of preparation:
Peel an orange, squeeze the juice. Connect butter, eggs, flour, sugar and orange juice (about 100 ml), add the mixture of cocoa, ginger, cinnamon, honey, liquid, leavening agent and peel. Knead the dough. It is divided into 4 parts, each roll successively in a layer of 3-5 mm thick. Remember that the thinner your dough rolls, the stronger and crispier the cakes turn out to be. Cut out the figurines. You can use a cocktail stick to make holes, then it will be possible for gingerbread to hang on the Christmas tree. Place the cutouts on the tray, put baking paper and send baked in a preheated oven at 180 & ordmC, for 15 minutes. Then allow the sweet goose cookies to cool and decorate with icing, which you can bake using previous or own recipes, already tested repeatedly in practice.

1 kg of rye flour,
1 tbsp. honey,
2 tablespoons. sugar,
2 tablespoons. of water,
100 g butter.
1 g of cinnamon and cloves.
For the glaze:
2 proteins,
5 tablespoons. l. powdered sugar.

Method of preparation:
Mix sugar, honey and water and boil until the mixture turns brown. Cool it to 70 & ordmC, add butter, cinnamon and cloves, mix in the flour and beat the ready dough on a cold, to stand there for an hour. After that the dough becomes malleable, from it you can not only cut, but also to carve anything. It is worth noting that with rye dough to work a little harder than with wheat, but gingerbread cake with rye, much tastier. Roll dough on the table with flour in the formation of the cut to the desired figures, which are then put in the pan, parchment paper put and bake for 10 minutes at a temperature of 200-220 & ordmC. The figures should be browned. An interesting fact is that while hot gingerbread, they are soft, when cold, they are harder, and after a few days, they become softer again. Decorate caviar with colored glaze. For its preparation, beat the egg whites with powdered sugar. Pour the icing on the cups (there should be as many colors as you use), leave for 20 minutes. During this time, the powdered sugar will dissolve completely and the mixture will be more uniform.

If you want the gingerbread cookies to dry faster, you can dry them in the oven at a temperature of no more than 50 & ordmC. And don't forget to check this process to see if the design has changed color.

Forget greasy cream rosettes on a cake shop and edible conditioning icing on imported gingerbread, prepare homemade Christmas cookies! They ate and decorated with their hands are a thousand times more delicious than the desserts purchased. And on our website you can always find more New Year's recipes and tips, what to cook for the New Year's table.

Easter with chocolate

The first dish eaten on Easter must be Easter, according to tradition. In fact, Easter is served only these days and must occupy a central place on the table, because we know that the dishes do not settle anyway on this day. There are many recipes, depending on the area, but all have in common sweet cow's cheese. Recently, all sorts of recipes have appeared, that's why I'm proposing you a chocolate Easter recipe.

For the countertop:

  • 1 cup flour
  • ½ cup of sugar
  • ½ cup of milk
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 100 g butter or margarine
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa

For the cream:

  • 500 g of cottage cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • sugar to taste
  • Lemon
  • vanilla essence
  • raisins

For the glaze:

  • 3 tablespoons water
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa
  • 1 tablespoon margarine / butter

Method of preparation

Rub the egg with the sugar, then incorporate the margarine or butter, add the flour gradually, then the milk and cocoa, the vanilla sugar and the baking powder.

The cheese is passed through a sieve or mixer, rub the yolks with sugar, then beat the egg whites and incorporate into the rest of the composition, at the end you can add or not the raisins, according to taste.

For this cake you need a round silicone shape, with a hole in the middle, or a round tray with a diameter of 20 cm. The composition for the countertop is divided into two equal halves, the first is poured into the tray, then the cream cheese is added and then the rest of the countertop composition is added. Place in the oven and keep at 180 degrees until the toothpick test passes.

The obtained Easter is poured on a plate, left to cool, during which time the icing is prepared. The water together with the sugar and cocoa are boiled over low heat, then left to cool and when the temperature reaches the value of summer water, incorporate the butter / margarine. Pour the icing over Easter and put in the fridge until the next day. Unlike regular Easter, it is served at the end of the meal as a dessert.

Potato dishes

It's hard to imagine Russian cuisine without potatoes. And, once in a head does not fit, that about 300 years ago our ancestors made, without potatoes, and some citizens even very lively raised potato riots, do not want to & bdquoiarba & ldquo of overseas vegetables. And now, virtually any lack of potatoes can cause, if not panic, then some inconvenience. Potato dishes can be very different, be they first, second or even dessert. From the potatoes he prepares a wonderful bread and a flat cake. And most importantly, to cook potatoes quickly and easily. The most democratic product!

Minced meat with potatoes and cheese
"Ulyotnye" potato cartridges
Minced potatoes with vegetables

But, strangely enough, not everyone knows how to cook potatoes properly. There are some rules that should not be broken. The fact that the quality of the potato depends on the availability of food starch in it and how it is converted to potato under high temperature fluid and an acidic environment. For example, potatoes will never boil in an acidic environment. This is why cabbage soup cabbage or pickles for rassolnik stew separately and put in the pan just before the end of cooking, or potatoes will be fine, such as insufficiently cooked. But when cooking potatoes for salads, this feature will have to come in handy. Potatoes of some varieties are very prepared and can even decompose - and in these cases, citric acid or vinegar will help.

Even the simplest food - boiled potatoes - Not everyone can cook properly. Potatoes in a uniform or peeled tubers should be put in boiling salted water and cook under the lid. The fact is that if you put the potatoes in cold water and put them on the fire, then the temperature inside the tubers reaches 70 ° C only after 20-25 minutes, during which time the potatoes under the influence of heat saccharified at least 10% starch. The resulting sugar turns into a decoction, and the potatoes become sticky. Quite a different picture is obtained in the case of potatoes soaked in boiling water: after 5-6 minutes, the enzymes become inactive, the starch is not hydrolyzed and nutrient losses are significantly reduced. And the potatoes are prepared much faster. After cooking, the water should be drained immediately, and the potatoes should be dried on low heat, covered with a lid.

"Strawberry" potato. To boil a good potato for a salad or to take a "brake" on the road, prepare the roast potatoes. Make the so-called hypertonic saline solution - a very concentrated solution of salt (350 g of salt per 1 liter of water). Not all salt will dissolve in water, it is not scary. In a cold solution, put the washed tubers uncleaned and put on high heat. If the salt is dissolved during heating, add more. After boiling, cook under a closed lid, lightly, over a fairly high heat. Try to keep all the tubers covered in water. When the potatoes are boiled, as if they were fried in oil - the water is boiled, its vapors do not allow it to penetrate inside the salt. Therefore, potatoes should be dosed before consumption. The potatoes are cooked for about 15 minutes. The longer the cooking time, the smaller and denser the potatoes will be. Once the potatoes are ready, immediately remove them from the salt pan, do not let it sit in it for a minute. If the potatoes have been prepared not to be stored cold (for example, on the road), leave it at room temperature without washing - the salt forms a dense crust that protects the potatoes from damage. Do not spill the solution after cooking, it can be used more than a dozen times. In this way, the potatoes taste like ripe.

Potato chips. When preparing this dish, there are a few subtleties mastered that, you will cook an amazing mashed potatoes (instead of & bdquomyatuhu & ldquo; which solidifies on cooling, like a stone). Potatoes boiled through a sieve in a hot area, add oil, pour in 2-3 hours almost boiling milk and mix well until fluffy. Beating is mandatory! To delay the inevitable hardening of mashed potatoes on cooling, when preparing add fresh eggs or egg yolks and refined vegetable oil (you can add as much or less than half of the butter). Instead of milk, you can add hot cream. When you wipe the hot potatoes, the tissue cells remain intact and the mashed potatoes do not glue.

Fries. If you want to please homemade chips with crispy crust, you have to try a little, but the result is worth it! Divide potatoes into slices, slices or cubes - if desired. Rinse in cold water and dry on a towel. Roll the potato pieces in flour (or a mixture of flour and powdered eggs, so tasty). Spread the oil in a pan with a thick bottom and place the potatoes. The layer of potatoes should not exceed 4-5 cm. Fry, stir until cooked, without covering the lid. Salt after forming a crust.

Fries. Proper processing of french fries is considered food as it is prepared! This statement is, in any case, does not apply to potatoes delivered to fast food cafes, French fries is not clear what is rare to be filtered to save. So to start frying prepare: a mixture of refined vegetable oil and melted lard in a ratio of 1: 1, but it is an option when frying fat can only consist of vegetable oils. Pour the deep frying pan into a tall pan and fill the oil no more than half full. The oil should be heated to 180-190 ° C. Cut the potatoes into long blocks, rinse with cold water and dry on a towel. It is not necessary for salt, the potatoes get wet and will absorb too much fat. Put the potatoes in a special grill and line them in hot oil. Potatoes should be 8-10 times less than oils. After the browned potatoes are removed, let the oil drain and sprinkle with fine salt, which can still be the spicy spices.Do not fry potatoes until the crust is too strong, aggravates the taste of the finished dish, and leads to frying exhaustion. (With the right frying, you can use the fryer several times). French fries can be cut using a special device that cuts the potatoes in a spiral. The tubes with holes after cutting the spirals can be filled with minced and cooked meat.

And now you can cook more complex potato dishes. Although, if you understand, there is nothing difficult in their preparation.


4-5 potatoes,
1 or,
flour, salt.

Method of preparation:
Boil the potatoes in a uniform, clean and ground in any way. Salt, add the egg and flour and knead the soft dough (do not overdo it with flour, otherwise the ready gnocchi will be like dumplings). Combine the sausages, cut into slices, rotate the balls and lightly press each to make the washers. Boil gnocchi in salted water. Serve with sour cream. Gnocchi can be harvested for later use, frozen and then boiled halfway through cooking, potted and baked with cheese, ham, etc.

Baked potatoes in bacon

Peeled potatoes pepper, thin strips of bacon foil, wrap in foil and bake in a hot oven for 30 minutes. Wonderful recipe for a picnic!

Kartoshka- & bdquoacordeon & ldquo

4-5 potatoes,
100 g of shampoos,
50 g butter,
salt, pepper, sour cream, onion or garlic, greens.

Method of preparation:
Cut the mushrooms into thin slices. Cut tubers cut into thin circles, do not cut a little to the end so that they are open fan. In each section insert slices of mushrooms, sprigs of herbs, salt and pepper, place on top of crushed garlic and grated onion. Put the potatoes in a greased form, pour the melted butter and put it in a hot oven for 40 minutes. For a picnic, wrap each "accordion" carton in foil and bake for 30 minutes.

Spanish tortilla

5-6 potatoes,
100 g of sausages,
5 eggs,
250 ml of milk,
salt pepper.

Method of preparation:
Cut the potatoes and sausages into slices and leave them in the olive oil until they boil. Beat eggs with milk, salt, pepper. Put the potatoes and sausages in a baking dish and pour the eggs. Bake at 180 ° C for about 30 minutes.


5-6 potatoes,
2 eggs,
1 tbsp. flour,
salt pepper.

Method of preparation:
Cut the raw potatoes on a large grater, add eggs and flour, mix gently. Decorate small rolls and fry in vegetable oil. Serve immediately. If pancakes stand, they will become dense. In this case, they can be quenched in garlic cream, diluted with water and lightly salted.


300 potatoes,
200 g of cottage cheese,
300 g of flour,
300 g of berries,
1 or,
butter, cream, salt.

Method of preparation:
Boil the peeled potatoes in salted water and cool. Grind in a blender or rastolkite. Mix with eggs and cottage cheese, add flour and knead the dough. Roll the balls on the dough the size of a walnut. Each ball rolls into a cake and puts a whole grain in the middle. Connect the edges of the cake and resize the ball. Boil dumplings in salted water for 7-10 minutes. Serve with butter or cream, sprinkle with sugar.

Potato rootstock


400 potatoes,
300 g of meat,
100 g of fresh lard,
2 onions,
1 or,
3 tablespoons flour,
vegetable oil, salt, pepper.

Method of preparation:
Pass the meat through the meat grinder, cut the fat into small cubes, cut the onion. Fry the fat a little, add the onion and cook until half cooked. Put the filling and fry until cooked, salt and pepper. Boil the potatoes in a uniform, cold, clean and ground. Mix with eggs, flour and salt, knead the dough. Divide them into identical pieces, make cakes, put the cooled filling and form noodles. Tomatoes in flour or breadcrumbs and fry until a red crust or bake in the oven. Mincemeat for zraz can be anything: mushrooms, eggs with onion, cheese, cabbage, fish, shrimp & hellip



1 potato tuber,
2 stacks. flour,
& frac14 teaspoon sugar,
1 & frac12 teaspoon salt,
⅔ stiva. hot water or potato broth,
3 tablespoons olive oil,
⅔ teaspoon dry yeast,
1-2 ripe tomatoes,
1 teaspoon dried oregano.

Method of preparation:
Bake the boiled potatoes until boiling in salted water and cut the mashed potatoes. Pour the desired amount of broth and cool to 30 ° C. Dissolve the yeast with sugar in the broth and leave for 10 minutes. Set the flour, pour the yeast into it, mix and add the mashed potatoes and salt. Mix with a wooden spoon and pour 2 tbsp. of olive oil. Knead the soft and elastic dough with your hands. Roll a ball out of it, sprinkle with flour, cover with a towel and leave for 1-2 hours. Shape the dough and spread it along the bottom and side of the mold. Bake the tomatoes, cut into rings or cubes and put them on the dough, sprinkle with oregano, salt and pour the remaining oil. Cover with a towel and leave for another hour. After that, put the oven, heated to 210-220 ° C, for 40 minutes. Restore the ready-made focaccia at the table and leave it to cool.

Potato cartridges. This is a good recipe for a delicious dish of yesterday's peach potatoes. Form a puree of small balls, zapaniruyte in flour, dipped in a weakened egg and again zapanirovat breadcrumbs or grated wheat bread. Grill the croquettes. In the puree you can add 2-3 tablespoons. granular mustard, will be spicy.

Potato cake. Another recipe for a hearty dinner of mashed potatoes. Add mashed potatoes 1-2 eggs, 3-4 tablespoons. flour and knead the plastic dough. Add crushed herbs and spices. In a form greased with oil and sprinkled with breadcrumbs, put the rolled dough in the seam and wrap it on the edge of the mold. On the dough, put a layer of grated cheese, fried in vegetable oil onion, diced ham or fried baking, a layer of cheese. Pour a mixture of eggs and cream. Bake at 180 ° C until tender.

Potatoes in the Korean language


3-4 potatoes,
4-5 cloves of garlic,
wheat coriander, soy sauce, black and red pepper - as much as possible, because the dish should be quite sharp.

Method of preparation:
Grate potato stains on a grater for Korean carrots to make a long straw. Rinse the potatoes several times in running water until the starch is completely washed. Pour a large amount of water and acidify with vinegar and boil. When the water boils, put the potatoes in a pot and wait exactly 1 minute. Quickly remove the boiled water and rinse the potatoes with cold water, such as pasta. Add vinegar, black and red pepper, coriander, crushed garlic and soy sauce, mix and cool in the refrigerator for an hour.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to list all the potato items in one item. But a large number of recipes can be found on the pages of our site!

Room curtains: learn how to choose the perfect model for you

The curtains in the room, independent of the model, have several functionalities and end up being indispensable in this environment. In addition to privacy, the curtain protects the furniture from excessive light, softens the wind and prevents reflections on TV, for example.

A few points to consider when choosing curtains for your living room. The material used must be easy to clean and must match the effect you want to give to the environment.

The style of the environment must also be taken into account. If your room is classic, opt for more noble fabrics that have an ornament and fit a man or a rail. Whether you are a fan of a contemporary style and your camera is more modern, a shutter can compose this environment very well.

In addition to its practical functions, curtains are part of the decor and can leave everything more charming and harmonious, they know how to combine and unleash creativity.

What is the ideal model for your living room?

Having a curtain in the living room is essential, you already know. Now which model to choose? Interior designer Mariana Vigné from Duplex Interiors explained the uniqueness of each model to help you choose which one is best for your environment.


The biggest advantage of men is that they are easy to install and have an affordable value. According to the interior designer, the curtains on the men's model are perfect for rustic environments. One tip is to opt for a wooden rod.


The railway model is the most common, but requires some complements so that the environment is harmonious. You have to hide the rail with a blindfold or make a curtain to hide it, Mariana suggests. Be careful when opening and closing this curtain is also important. If you make a very fast move, the platform can be removed from the rails.


The curtain on the Roman model is super bright and chic. The only downside, according to Mariana, is that it has to take place when it is completely withdrawn, usually the size of a "gob." If your room is large and has a lot of space, the Roman curtain is a great proof.

"Very simple, cheap and easy and quick to install!", Says interior designer Mariana Vigné. Like Roman, it needs more space for assembly. It can be composed of a more fluid textile curtain to leave the ambiance with a glamorous charm.


The curtain of the panel has the same characteristics as the Roman one. When closed, they are very similar. The curtain panel works as a sliding door, ideal for those who do not give up practicality. A cool tip that Mariana offers is to decorate the curtains by docking the ribbons and the details in the frames.

Horizontal blind

They are practical and the options of colors, materials and finishes are diverse. The interior designer says that, despite their versatility, they do not leave the ambiance very comfortable.

Vertical blind

Like horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are versatile and modern. If your room has a more contemporary feel, they can be a good application!

Because each model has its own particularity, the rooms have other needs. Now it's up to you to choose which curtain is right for your room to look beautiful and with your face.

Color: a factor that makes all the difference

Choosing the color of any object is a very personal decision. If the curtains for the room is no different. If you like the most striking and dark colors, consider using them in detail in your decor, as these colors tend to get boring over time. Choose neutral and bright shades on the curtains so that your room is comfortable and calm. If you want to block the outside lights, do not use dark curtains. In such cases, it is more appropriate to use a blackout with a curtain on top. Interior designer Mariana Vigné says that the most used fabrics in room curtains are bed linen, gauze linen and veil.

Learn how to properly install curtains

You bought a curtain and now you have no idea how to install it correctly so that your room is beautiful and harmonious? We have prepared some essential tips to make this task easier and do not do bad in decorating such an important environment! DI DIY curtains for you to make at home

It may not look like that, but making a curtain can be a very easy task in addition to being generally cheaper. Check out these tips to help you create your own curtain.

How to make the Roman curtain, by Carina Fernandes

In this film, Carina Fernandes learns how to make the Roman curtain. In a few steps it is possible to make this different model, which will leave your room charming. Apart from being easy, it is much cheaper than buying a ready-made one.

How to make a velvet curtain with pumps, by Maddu Magallanes

Maddu Magallanes gave a hint on how to make this custom superfashion curtain. He used very few materials and the result was incredible!

How to make a seamless curtain, by Larissa Vale

Here, in this movie, Larissa Vale teaches you how to make a curtain very easily and quickly. Find nothing, use only glue and fabrics.

It is very easy to leave your room more charming. Aside from being cheaper, the result will come out the way you thought!

Video: ЛУЧШИЙ РЕЦЕПТ шоколадного торта с вишней Готовим ДОМА легко и ПРОСТО С ЛИЗОЙ ГЛИНСКОЙ! (June 2022).


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