Cannelloni with meat

In a hot pan I put the 2 finely chopped garlic cloves in the pan, then I added the minced meat that I seasoned with chilli, soy sauce, curry and I left it on the fire until it was done. I let it cool a bit (so as not to burn my hand) and then I introduced the meat so spiced and cooked in cannelloni, I told you earlier that they are cylindrical pasta and are larger so it is not a difficult process if you are patient.

Once the process of filling the pasta was completed and being nicely placed in a tray on the bottom of which I had previously put butter, I added a bechamel sauce to the tray (made from flour, butter, milk, a rantas is made from flour and butter and gradually add the milk until the sauce reaches a creamy consistency, optionally you can add other spices depending on what taste you want to have, I left it so simple that I already had spicy meat), and some fresh tomatoes that -I scalded a little to remove the skin from them and then I chopped them finely and put them in the tray.

I put this composition in the oven for 45 minutes and it turned out what can be seen below. It can be done differently, ie boil the pasta before for 5 minutes (they do not boil at all) but I chose to do so and let the pasta be done in the oven. What came out can be seen below… .It was delicious!

Great appetite!

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