Garlic with garlic

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When we were little, my mother used to cook ghebe for us! Our grandmother used to send them to us from a village in Vrancea, at the foot of the mountain, close to the forest ... And most of all I liked the ones with garlic. But I haven't eaten for years ,,, we can't find them here! And as my husband had his way through Focsani yesterday, I also chose ghebe! Thus, finally, after a long time, I almost managed to make one of my cravings. I say almost, because after I cleaned a kilo and a half of ghebe, with great care because they are so fragile, I couldn't even taste them, I felt so bad! But I'm making up for it today, when I'll repeat them!

Considering that they were bought on the market, I kept reading about how you know if they are edible or not. The unanimous conclusion is that none of the "methods" that are rumored to be safe give us certainty!

P.S. The pictures are taken by my husband and even if they are few and not great, I have to thank him for his help, because he hates so much when he waits to eat and I don't finish photographing :))

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