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Top Food and Wine Folks Under 30?

Top Food and Wine Folks Under 30?

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Forbes tries to get it right

As a part of their annual "30 Under 30" listings of people to watch in various professions, Forbes has singled out for notice 30 chefs, entrepreneurs, wine folk, activists, and others involved in various capacities with food or drink. (Actually there are 35, as two of their choices include more than one person.) The list, now on view on the website, was selected by Forbes editor and former Time Out New York restaurant critic Randall Lane, restaurateur Danny Meyer (perhaps coincidentally, one of his employees and one of his suppliers are included on the list), and Southern Wine & Spirits vice president and mega-wine-and-food-festival organizer Lee Schrager.

There were a few problems with the slideshow accompanying the list, at least as it initially went up. The last name of's national wine editor, Talia Baiocchi, was misspelled; the age of Rae Cohen Bernamoff, co-proprietor of Brooklyn's Mile End restaurant, was given as 82; and somebody at Forbes apparently thinks that Terra Madre is a TV show, since we are told that Giorgio Rapicavoli of Miami's Eating House restaurant, "has made repeated appearances on Slow Food's 'Terra Madre' in Italy, where he's worked alongside Alice Waters and Joshua Viertel." Speaking of Brooklyn, incidentally, although the list putatively spans the nation, six of the entries (and 11 of the people, since both those multi-person choices are among them) do business in that borough. It is obviously the country's under-30 culinary capital, and we look forward to following its progress as it matures.

Oh, one other thing: Village Voice restaurant critic Tejal Rao's age isn't given. Perhaps she is sensitive about the issue (maybe, for instance, she's only 12, and doesn't want mom and dad to know she's out reviewing Chez Sardine when she says she's at the library) — but in a story whose title suggests that all participants are no more than three decades along, that seems a curious lacuna.

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