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Top Rated Mimosa Recipes

Rosemary pear mimosas are going to be your new brunch essential. The pear juice provides a tart and unique flavor, and the rosemary adds a sophisticated finishing touch. Your friends are going to be begging for the drink recipe.Recipe courtesy of Bits and Bites

There’s a reason everyone from your great aunt to your best friend adore this classic brunch drink. Balanced, bubbly, and in an elegant tall glass.Click here to learn more about 7 Easter Brunch Cocktails.

This is a really simple mocktail, which looks so elegant when served in a Champagne flute.This recipe is courtesy of

Bright, fresh and dangerously easy to make, these classic mimosas will help you celebrate spring in style. Your friends will love indulging in these fun drinks at your next party, and with lots of flavor and fruit options, there's a choice for everyone.Recipe courtesy of Leena Asuma, Gals That Brunch

Best Mimosa Recipes For This Summer

Mimosa recipes are perfect for any occasion because they create a variety of flavors. Mimosas gives you an interesting combination of champagne and juice of any flavor. Mimosas can be enjoyed in pretty much any occasion but they are particularly great for social events and just to have a good time.

Champagne is an interesting drink because it is sparkling wine that gives you a bubbly spark. To make mimosas you can use either sparkling wine or champagne. Sparkling wine produces bubbles that give a spark while wine is meant to have a grape flavor which give its fruit flavor.

Once the sparkling wine and champagne has been added to the mimosas the juice that gives flavor to the mimosas is added. This is what makes mimosas such a versatile drink that can have any of your favorite fruits or ingredient.

Here are the tastiest and most delicious mimosas.

How to Make the Best Mimosa Recipe:

Start with the best orange juice. Preferably, freshly squeezed. You just can’t beat freshly squeezed OJ. It’s already awesome as-is, and even awesomer when united with bubbly Prosecco or Champagne.

We’ve been doing freshly squeezed juices in cocktails like this easy, mouthwatering Paloma Cocktail Recipe and it makes a world (world!) of difference.

That said, I totally get it if you just need to go the store-bought OJ route. I’d say if it’s a casual mimosa gig, store bought is just fine (do be sure it’s a high quality 100% pure orange juice.) But if you’re aiming to impress, definitely grab some ripe oranges and get out the easy juicer. I use my cheap yet handy little juicer like this one and love it to pieces. It makes everything so. much. easier.

Be sure both the orange juice and wine are very cold before adding to your glasses or flutes. The colder, the bubblier and tastier.

Tip: Be sure the glasses/flutes are squeaky clean. The cleaner your glasses, the better they’ll retain bubbles.

Six of the Best Mimosa Recipe Upgrades

Gone are the days when Mimosas were only synonymous with Sunday brunch or Mother’s Day picnics. With the explosion of DIY at-home cocktails, combined with the affordability of sparkling wines like Prosecco and Cava, VinePair’s Bubbly Week is the perfect time to experiment with Mimosa-inspired cocktails.

Traditionally, a Mimosa includes equal parts sparkling wine and citrus juice — usually orange, given its ease and wide availability. But with a few tweaks and a bit of inspiration, Mimosas are getting a makeover with these irresistible variations.

The Saon 75

A twist on the trendy French 75, the Saon 75 uses Calvados in place of gin. Calvados, a brandy made in Normandy, France, has flavors of apples and occasionally pears. Together with a splash of lemon juice, this bubbly concoction is like sipping on a fruit salad.

The Strawberry Sparkler

Pisco, a type of Chilean or Peruvian brandy, is mixed with strawberry simple syrup and sparkling rosé in this flavorful pink cocktail. To please myriad brunch-goers, adjust the amount of simple syrup to suit different tastes.

The Dark Cherry Mimosa

Grapefruit juice along with cherry syrup play yin and yang in this tart, yet subtly sweet, cocktail. This easy three-ingredient Mimosa doesn’t even require a homemade syrup — simply use the juice from the Maraschino cherry jar! Top with grapefruit rind, or nibble on cherries while you sip.


An ode to the sun-drenched Mediterranean, Italian Prosecco and French Triple-Sec are combined to create this refreshing medley. A little tart and a touch sweet, the fresh mint garnish adds balance to this flavor explosion.


This is the thirst quencher of your dreams. A medley of strawberry purée, lemon juice, and a touch of sugar mix with your favorite kind of Prosecco for this fresh and simple cocktail. Garnish with a fresh strawberry for an effortless yet elegant finish.

The Effervescent Love

Guaranteed to hit a flavor button your guests haven’t tried before, strawberry and fig simple syrup adds layers and dimension to this otherwise simple Mimosa-inspired cocktail. Kick it up a notch with a splash of lemon juice and get ready for praise. Make the simple syrup in advance for this cocktail to come together quickly in front of guests.

What champagne is best for a mimosa recipe?

You want to use dry champagne like a Brut or Cava. A dry Prosecco can work as well.

Cava is from Spain and Prosecco is from Italy. You can get a good bottle for under $20 and they both work great when making mimosas.

Don’t think you need to use the fanciest champagne for a mimosa either! I usually buy a cheap to a mid-range bottle when making mimosas.

Cheers! 15 Mimosa Recipes That Demand A Refill

Keep it classy with this recipe–it’s a good old fashioned mimosa and there is nothing wrong with that!

Try a twist on the classic cocktail that is wonderful to enjoy no matter the time of year with this recipe!

Sugar and Charm

Apple Cider isn’t just for the fall. Add a little champagne and say cheers to a new season with this recipe!

Everyone loves a pretty pink drink and this recipe is of no exception!

Aberdeen’s Kitchen

This recipe is every bit of delicious you could imagine it to be and every sip will you satisfied!

Pretty Plain Janes

This recipe calls for a different citrus with a delicious dose of champagne but it’s still worth each and every sip!

This recipe is so simple and easy–you need four ingredients to make a mimosa you’ll never forget!

With a light option of coconut water, this recipe is like a summertime remix on a classic cocktail!

This recipe, which calls for cranberries and oranges, is like never ending deliciousness in a cup and we promise the added flavors won’t disappoint!

Champagne works for anytime of day, as does strawberry and so does basil. Mix all three together with this recipe and you’ll be delighted!

Tequila Sunrise meets a classic mimosa with this recipe for a yummy drink you’ll just want to sip, sip, sip!

The Blond Cook

Add a fun spin to a classic cocktail with this sorbet cocktail recipe! It’s perfect for the season.

Tastes Lovely

You don’t always need oranges to make good mimosas–this peach recipe is the perfect upgrade to a classic!

Never say no to a refreshing drink like this!

1000 Lovely Things

It’s like the perfect cocktail marriage complete with salt around the rim–delish!

Mimosas are one of the easiest cocktails to prepare for a crowd. Keeping that 50/50 ratio in mind, you could prepare a large pitcher ahead of time or set up a mimosa bar with various juices, fruits, and sparkling wine options.

When serving mimosas in a pitcher, be sure to leave a stir stick or spoon in the pitcher so your guests can give it a quick stir before pouring.

Pro-Tip: DO NOT add ice to the pitcher. It will water down the drink. Instead place the pitcher in a tub with ice surrounding it to keep it cold.

Tips for the BEST Mimosas

Even though mimosas are simple drinks, here are a few tips that may come in handy.

  1. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Is Best. If you’re only making mimosas for a small group, go with fresh squeezed! The taste is much better and considering mimosa are half orange juice, you want it to be the best daggum orange juice ever! For a twist try using blood oranges with a few tangerines! Yum!
  2. Use Good Champagne: Use your favorite dry, sparkling non-sweet champagne. Prosseco is the most popular for mimosas.
  3. Keep It Cold: Make sure all ingredients are super cold before you make your pitcher of Mimosas. I usually make the fresh-squeezed orange juice the night before and stick it in the freezer prior to that it gets a bit slushy. I also chill my glasses.

That’s it! Easy, peasy and so delicious! And who says you need to have a brunch in order to make this?? Make it for yourself one morning ……while wearing a silk robe and smoking a long cigarette! Just playing about the smoking part, that’s just how I remember it as a kid in all those old soap operas my granddad use to watch.

How do you make a mimosa?

Making the perfect mimosa drink is all about the ratio.

Now, the biggest mistake I see in mimosa making is using a 1:1 ratio (orange juice to sparkling wine). I.e. filling up half the glass with orange juice, and finishing the other half with sparkling wine. Don’t do this!

Adding too much orange juice to your mimosas will leave your drink too flat, too sweet, and too heavy.


The best ratio for making mimosas is a 1:2 ratio (orange juice to sparkling wine). So, filling your glass 1/3 full of orange juice, and topping the rest with sparkling wine. This is the optimal ratio for achieving a mimosa drink that’s bubbly, refreshing and light.

Other tips for this recipe:

Other tips for ensuring you’ve got a delicious bubbly mimosa:

  • Make your mimosa just before serving.Not in advance. Your mimosa will get flat over time, so it’s best to make when you’re ready to sip!
  • Angle your glass as you pour. This will stop the sparkling wine from bubbling over and spilling. And will keep the bubbles contained in your glass.
  • Don’t stir! Stirring releases bubbles. So best to avoid.
  • Don’t add ice! If possible, avoid adding ice. It releases fizz and waters down your drink. Refrigerate ingredients in advance so it’s well chilled.
  • Garnish is optional. Okay, this has nothing to do with bubbles. But I like to add a slice of orange to fancy up a glass. Plus, I love eating the infused slice at the end.

How to Make the Best Mimosa

There are two secrets to making the best mimoas.

1. You will want to use a good quality prosecco as previously mentioned. This is very important. Good quality ingredients result in a good quality cocktail.

2. Chill your ingredients before making the cocktails. You will want a refreshing drink and cold ingredients are the secret for it.

You can use two types of cocktail glasses for this: a champagne flute or a champagne coupe.

Make sure to pour the prosecco first. This is because you can immediately see the right ratio of alcohol and also wait a moment so the fizz settles. If you pour orange juice first, your cocktail might overflow.

Pour the orange juice and serve right away. Don't mix the cocktail or will release too much of your prosecco bubbles. You want a fizzy, perfectly elegant mimosa.

You can add a wedge of orange to your mimosas but you don't have too. Mimosa is a sophisticated, elegant drink that is meant to be simple and beautiful. But just because you add a little orange wedge, it won't remove the charm, so do it if you prefer it!

Variations on an easy mimosa recipe

Don't stop at just prosecco and orange juice. Try these variations:

  • Lemon juice, known as the Lemosa
  • Pineapple juice
  • Cranberry juice, known as the Poinsettia, which you can serve during the holidays
  • Grapefruit juice called the Megmosa
  • Apple cider, called the Vermosa, a terrific fall-time drink
  • Pomegranate juice, which would also be lovely during the holidays

Combine two or more juices in your mimosas! I'd think grapefruit and orange juice would be divine, don't you?

What about pomegranate and cranberry juice? Or pineapple with a splash of cider? Fantastic!